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Disney has become a daily retreat for me. We may only spend 10 days there a year (more if I'm truly blessed), but I have found that making Mickey a part of my daily life makes me feel much better. So I'm running with it! Luckily I have a patient husband and a laptop computer that allows me to do endless searching and planning. This blog is developing out of that. You are welcome to come along for the ride and offer your advice. I don't claim to be an expert, just a lover of the experience!

Right now whenever a post says "Update" that means it is a 2011 trip update and if you click on the tab with that date on it you can read that update.

Friday, April 15, 2011

Three Quarters or Seven Dimes and a Nickel

75 Days. Wow I have a lot to get done! I can hardly list everything that needs to be done in that much time!

This is the fun time though (other than actually being there, of course!) I get to plan the details and share them with you. This is my first time with the website so that's a great deal of fun and labor as well. I have a big favor to ask of you as well. If you enjoy the site at all, share it with your friends and ask them to follow me as well. It's so easy to do now.There is a Follow button if you have a gmail account but if you don't you can follow by e-mail. I'd love to have a ton of followers plus the advertisers like it as well. I started with just my friends so if my friends could help that would be wonderful! Feel free to give this link to anyone you know!

Back to the Mickey!!! I may have mentioned a new tour we may take. It's a walking tour and it's called Walt Disney-Marceline to Magic Kingdom. Because it's new there isn't a lot of information out there . For Jim and I to do it it would be $61.12 tax included unless we get  AP discount. It is offered M,W, F at 8:15 and takes 2 1/2- 3 hours. Ages 12 and older may participate.
Here is what I  found written up in WDW Magic about it:

Explore how events in Walt Disney's life helped shape the Walt Disney World Resort and the attractions within it. As one of Walt’s final visions, the Magic Kingdom Park shares many similarities and likenesses to the storyline of his life. By using the park as a walking timeline, guests will discover how the events in Walt's life helped develop his understanding and view of the world around him, and inspired him to create some of the most wonderful and cherished stories and attractions in our theme parks. During this 2.5 to 3 hour walking tour, guests will also get an insider look into the operation and design of some of the most beloved attractions in the Magic Kingdom Park. 

See you next time. Remember. Share!!! 

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