Welcome to my refuge :)

Disney has become a daily retreat for me. We may only spend 10 days there a year (more if I'm truly blessed), but I have found that making Mickey a part of my daily life makes me feel much better. So I'm running with it! Luckily I have a patient husband and a laptop computer that allows me to do endless searching and planning. This blog is developing out of that. You are welcome to come along for the ride and offer your advice. I don't claim to be an expert, just a lover of the experience!

Right now whenever a post says "Update" that means it is a 2011 trip update and if you click on the tab with that date on it you can read that update.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

The Final Countdown

My Countdown Clock says 1. I look at my watch and know that I will be landing this time tomorrow. My excitement level has long surpassed high. I am worse than most children I know.

This is why I do so much of my packing so early. I am kind of worthless today. I have a few jobs that need to get done and those will be a struggle. I have a very precise list so that nothing gets overlooked in my glee.

Jim just told me he printed boarding passes so that makes me happy (but can't be crossed off the list until I have them.) The dog has been transferred to my brother's care. She is thrilled to have kids to play with.

All that's left are the minor details and getting some sleep before waking at 3am to head to the airport. I need some sleep but not too much. I love getting to Orlando early but to get there by 11 means changing our sleep pattern completely. Oh well, just a warm up for the 10 days ahead.

Friday, June 24, 2011

My surprise is not a surprise...to Jim

I've talked about a romantic surprise our last night at Walt Disney World to celebrate our 12th anniversary. I should have known better. My husband the snoop had never heard of the place we were going so he Googled it and found out. I shouldn't be surprised , in 12 years I have NEVER surprised him. Oh well he says it sounds nice. I'm still keeping you in the dark until the 8th.

I'm determined to surprise someone and this is something not many people do at Disney.

This luggage would be more fun to pack!!!

Five days to go and packing is going well. Yes, it is that big of a production for me. Besides the basics I need window decorations, pennies and quarters to press, my agenda folder, my stimulator and charger, pins to trade, and even now I feel I'm leaving something off the list. Oh, all the wires to run multiple electronic devices.

Two grown people. Two suitcases. Two carry-ons each. Ten days. It is amazingly well organized. Plus we do need room to bring things we buy home in!

Wednesday, June 22, 2011


Getting ready to travel means lots of preparation and packing. When you are a collector this moves to a whole new level!

This year for the first time we will be collecting pressed pennies. I have printed the maps and checklists so we know where the machines that press the pennies can be found. I have also eaten lots of mini-M&M's. The tubes they come in are perfect for carrying the coins we'll need to take. I stack them penny, quarter, quarter, penny, quarter, quarter, and so on until the tube is full (32 sets). To press a penny costs fifty cents so you need the quarter to pay for the process. We have four tubes full right now. I'm hoping for maybe a fifth before we leave. It's a great price on collectibles. We will have to buy a book to put the pressed coins in once we're there.

Some of 2011 Hidden Mickey pins we'll be looking for!

Our bigger project is pin trading. We purchased 200 pins online to trade. Some we'll keep, but most we will trade with Cast Members. We have traded for several years now and had to get our pins organized enough so we know what we have and what we need. We can't possibly take them all with us so we use photo checklists. I have a hard copy and Jim is working on a digital copy for his phone. We only trade WDW and Disneyland Cast Lanyards and Hidden Mickeys. It's one of our favorite parts of the trip.

We've worked so hard this week , we'll be really ready for that vacation!

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Now I WILL be spending Every Day With Mickey!

Look for this ad in my blog!
Another reason that  I've been so busy lately is I've taken a big step that I've been plotting for a while. I began my career as a Disney Travel Consultant! I became an Independent Contractor for Academy Travel (www.mickeysvacation.com). The are the second largest Independent Booking Agency for Disney and I feel lucky to have their knowledge and support behind me.

This means I'll be able to help you and anyone else you know plan that perfect Disney vacation you've been dreaming of to Walt Disney World, Disneyland, Disney Cruise Lines, and Adventures by Disney. I'm currently working on my College of Disney Knowledge online classes, which is the first step.

I plan on using my trip as an information gathering time, so I'll be better prepared to handle your questions about Walt Disney World Resort. There's a lot to do but if you know me, you know that I've been excited about Disney for a long time. I'm just thrilled to be getting the chance to share my love of Mickey with others. So while I may not have a business card yet, if you're reading this and want to plan a Disney trip or cruise, e-mail me at mickeyonmymind@gmail.com and I will work with you to plan a magical trip of a lifetime!

Monday, June 20, 2011

Last Minute Rush

You know how life always manages to get craziest right before something big? I haven't written in two weeks because that is the case. I have been trying to tie up loose ends and take on so pretty big new ones as well so I just haven't written. I've worked on the blog. I've been trying to get it ready so I'll be able to make entries from the road (I've decided not to sleep.) I think they will be generalized entries and then my more detailed reports will come when I get home.
This week the real packing begins. I have been throwing stuff on a loveseat for a month now but now it's crunch time.I have my clothes almost taken care of. Jim's is still a mystery. Although, he's easy. He wears the same outfit in different colors all  week long.
Still with 9 days to go will we get done? Well I'm not staying home!!!