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Disney has become a daily retreat for me. We may only spend 10 days there a year (more if I'm truly blessed), but I have found that making Mickey a part of my daily life makes me feel much better. So I'm running with it! Luckily I have a patient husband and a laptop computer that allows me to do endless searching and planning. This blog is developing out of that. You are welcome to come along for the ride and offer your advice. I don't claim to be an expert, just a lover of the experience!

Right now whenever a post says "Update" that means it is a 2011 trip update and if you click on the tab with that date on it you can read that update.

Monday, July 25, 2011

Keeping Your Feet Happy at the Happiest Place on Earth

You walk a lot in the parks. You want to keep you feet happy. These are the things you need to do it.

  1. A good pair of walking shoes- I recommend a pair of tennis shoes you've worn often for at least 3 months prior to going so you are sure they are a great fit. Don't buy new shoes and find out they aren't. I also shake my head at the whole flip-flop thing. I wore them in the airport once and ended up with a chronic foot problem. How people put several miles a day on in them is beyond me.
  2. Well-cushioned socks- They absorb some of the shock from walking and keep your feet comfortable in those perfect shoes.
  3. Foot powder- Amazingly in Florida you sweat everywhere. A little powder in your socks can help control a lot of problems.
  4. Band-aids- Band-aids help out with the little problems that might develop on your toes and heals.
  5. Moleskin (and scissors)- This stuff works wonders both in the area  of prevention and when a problem develops. This time around, I made a poor choice in shoes and ended up with blisters on both heals. Without moleskin, I don't know how I would have walked each day. Take enough of this. It's not cheap at your hotel gift shop.
I hope this helps to keep your feet happy and healthy (and that I remember this list next May!)

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